Butchers Paper delivered to Adelaide

Need some butchers paper/ white news paper for your business in Adelaide or just for your kids to draw on, perhaps your moving? Whether it be for food or the Cape Jaffa Seafood and wine Festival, QIS has you covered, you can order 24/7 online with us, and we will process and dispatch ASAP.

Butchers paper can be great for kindergartens/ pre-schools, and has lots of uses in arts and crafts, meaning lots of companies who have some section of their activities involved in professional arts & Kraft’s could also use this. Buy in bulk and save today.



Can QIS Packaging supply all around Australia?

QIS is based in Archerfield Brisbane, however we despatch all over Australia using various transport companies. There is the convenience or purchasing online at www.qispackaging.com.au 24/7 with the availability by paying by Visa, Mastercard or Paypal. Depending on location the delivery time may vary, but certainly yes QIS CAN supply Australia wide.

What if i don't want a whole 17 Kg bundle of a particular size?

That is fine, we have the exact same sizing of the 17Kg bundles in smaller packs. Each size Deli, Small, Medium and Extra Large are all sold firstly in their 17Kg bundle and also in packs that are approximately a quarter that size. So there are plenty of sizing and quantity for you to choose from.

Do you sell any other rolls or sheets of a similar nature?

QIS also sells Brown Kraft Rolls, although these are slightly more expensive so the butchers paper/ white news roll's are a more economical option. To do with sheets we sell a wide range of tissue paper, mainly coloured and also some acid free options.

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