Butchers Paper delivered to Brisbane

At QIS Packaging we are online 24/7 or as easy as a phone call away. Keep your produce fresh or get creative with our Butchers Paper. Butchers Paper is eco friendly and very economical. Buy local Brisbane at QIS Packaging.



Whats QIS Packaging delivery time in Brisbane?

Our delivery time for the "Brisbane Metro" area with orders up to 20kg only generally take between 1 - 2 working days.

What types of butcher’s paper do you have?

QIS sells butchers paper in Rolls and Sheets. The rolls come in 5 different sizes, and the sheets come in 4 different sizes each size having 2 separate quantity packs. Each sheet size is sold in a 17Kg bundle as well as another small pack bundle which is roughly a quarter of the 17Kg size

Why would I buy butchers paper if I’m not after material to wrap food in?

It is called butchers paper as that is what it is most commonly referred to as, it is also known as white news rolls/ sheets. There are many uses for these materials, from using it as stuffing to help you move/ wrapping food in them/ sheeting to avoid a mess on the floor/ kids to draw on them, point is it can be used for whatever you desire and think up!

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