Butchers Paper available for Canberra

Butchers paper is available in sheets and rolls we have a wide variety of sizes and packs.

Rolls have 500 metres of paper, but have various widths, starting from 450mm up to 1215mm. Sheets are sold in packs based on their weight, and come in different sizes - deli size 510mm x 380mm sheets, up to extra large 890mm x 580mm sheets.

Butchers Paper is perfect for prep or school artwork and other classroom activities. Wrap up your cold meats or protect your goods when moving.

Our range of Butchers Paper has you covered.



Frequently Asked Question

Whats the delivery costs for Butchers Paper to Canberra?

Depends on weight, tho all deliveries to the Canberra region should take between 2 - 3 days. Orders up to 5kg Australia wide will cost $16.50 ( inc gst ) and up to 20kg to Canberra will cost $27.50.

What form does your butchers paper come in?

QIS supplies butchers paper in rolls and sheets, the rolls range from sizes 450mm wide to as large as 1215mm, each roll has 500M in length on it. The sheets come in 4 different sizes and are packed in 17kg bundles or smaller packs of each of those sizes which are generally a quarter the size of the 17kg bundle. If you want to have more of a look click through one of our product images to have a look.

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