Butchers Paper Roll

QIS Packaging offer a variety of sizes in their butchers paper rolls. We also sell butchers paper sheets in four different sizes. Our sheets are available in small and bulk packs.

Our butchers paper rolls can be teamed up with one of our roll dispensers.

Butchers paper rolls are perfect for wrapping, packing or covering. With great prices and range, buy today knowing you will have a quality product. If the roll you ordered is the wrong size you can always exchange it for the correct size.



What is better Butchers Paper Rolls or Sheets?

Both are equally the same, it all depends on what the use is for. Generally speaking the Butchers Paper Rolls come in a bigger width for larger requirements. The rolls that are on the dispensers make it extremely accessible and efficient to get things done that require a customized length. The Butchers Paper Sheets are most of the time found amongst butchers and seafood distributors for quickly being able to wrap the fresh produce and also where the wider widths generally aren't needed.

How can i effectively use the roll of butchers paper i buy though?

Too easy, we sell paper roll dispensers in a few different sizes, any roll you buy there will be a dispenser which can fit it. The dispensers can also be wall mounted for even more ease. Here at QIS we use these dispensers and rolls ourselves in the warehouse so you can be assured they are of a high quality.

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