Calico Drawstring Bags

Looking for a drawstring bag that is sturdy and can be reused? Also a bag which is friendly to the environment and can have many uses ranging from a kids toys bag to a shopping bag, or a show travel bag.

Drawstring calico bags can have extremely versatile uses, from the above to being used in mining/geology exploration as a sample bag. No matter what their use, these are great bags for small businesses and retail shops wanting to align their brand with a more eco friendly feel.

If we don't have a size that suits, request a quote from QIS Packaging.

These Calico Bags are made from 100% cotton so it won’t adversely affect the environment. Sold in packs from as little as 50 per pack, we can supply in bulk into the thousands. Buy more and save!



What is meant by the term “Drawstring”?

Drawstring refers to the type of calico bag it is, drawstring is just a cord that is around the top of the bag to close it off.

What other types of calico bags are there?

QIS has 3 types of calico bags including drawstring, the other 2 types we offer are 2 handle and shoulder strap. The difference between these 2 bags? The 2 handles literally just has 2 handles that come off the top of the bag, and shoulder strap has just one loop strap coming off the bag.

What is the thickness of the calico bags?

Our calico bags are approximately 120gsm.

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