Cellophane Bags

QIS has a range of 20 cellophane bags starting from small ones 115X65mm in length and width all the way up to 300X150mm, so you should find the right fir for your products. Some of the medium to larger bags also have a side gusset ranging from 25mm to 75mm depending on the bag.


QIS cellophane bags ARE food grade, so you can store and package any chocolate, fudge, candy even candles or anything else you can think of requiring food grade quality packaging. These bags are also 100% biodegradable if you are concerned about that as well.

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What is a Cellophane Bag?

Cello bags are see-through natural material bags; they're used for packaging perishable and non-perishable items. Cello bags are made out of a transparent, high-gloss material designed.

Do you sell any other cellophane type products apart from bags?

We certainly do, we have cellophane rolls and sheets also available in different sizes. The rolls start in sizing as small as 300mm wide with length 400M on the roll, all the way up to 1000mm wide with 400M also on the roll. The cellophane sheets come in either normal clear cellophane or coloured cellophane as well.

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