Tape is something everybody uses. Sticky, packaging, duct, cloth, masking and warning tapes are some of our range. Tape dispensers are an essential tool if working in a warehouse situation where you pack all day everyday and the good news is that you can obtain pistol grip noise reduction tape guns. They cost slightly more than the standard pistol grip but they are kind to the ears. Sticky tape dispensers are convenient for everyday use whether it be at work or home.

Adhesive packing envelopes store your delivery or invoices within a strong, transparent plastic front panel so that transport drivers can read the address to deliver to. You can obtain these envelopes with nothing printed on them or invoice enclosed.

Adhesive shipping labels come perforated on rolls and make your packages STAND OUT. If you are needing to let transport drivers know that it is fragile or handle with care, they cannot miss this message because it is fluro orange and printed in black with the required message. 

Packing knives are an essential tool for any warehouse and even for all the people who have to pack up and move and then unpack. The blades are retractable so they are quite safety conscious to try and avoid accidents.