Clear lay-flat poly tubing also known as plastic LDPE tube is ideal for a variety of packaging applications. Plastic Tubing can be heat sealed closed and is available in a range of widths and thicknesses to suit everyone's needs. Measurements are indicative and there can be a + or -3% - 5% variance in length and width.  

Over the years we have discovered various customers using this poly tube to protect curtains from dust prior to hanging them; rolls of material are stored inside the tube to protect the product and keep dust off as well; protect anodized metal from being scratched or simply an easy way to package different lengths of your product without having to have a vast range of specially made bags.

Heat sealers and accessories are ideal to seal bags made from LDPE, polypropylene and cellophane. The bench heat sealers are perfect for sealing poly tubing and range from 200mm wide up to 600mm wide some with cutters. We also offer repair kits which have elements and teflon to replace when they are worn.

On our "how to videos" we have a few specific videos based on how to use a heat sealer; how to use a heat sealer with a cutter; how to change the element and teflon and conclusively how to heat seal various types of materials like LDPE, polypropylene and cellophane.

Please click link to work out what size layflat tube suits your needs.