Strapping & Buckles

Plastic hand strap comes in 12mm, 15mm and 19mm sizes. There is also a heavy duty 19mm hand strap with a maximum breaking strain of 400kg. The width of plastic hand strap you would use would depend on how many kilos you are tying together.  This link will direct you to some more information in relation to what the breaking strain is for each width of strapping.

Plastic buckles are available in 12mm and 15mm sizes but for the 19mm standard there are metal buckles and for the heavy duty 19mm we have metal seals. There are a couple of benefits when using plastic hand straps and the initial saving is in relation to transport. The more you can strap cartons together to make them one item the more you can save on your freight charges in a lot of cases. The secondary benefit is that the items should arrive in tact and not be seperated from each other.

Cut the cost, not the quality!