Stretch Wrap & Accessories

Stretch wrap is like a 500mm wide roll of cling wrap. It is sticky and will cling to itself to secure the cartons on the pallet. The easiest way to apply the hand pallet wrap is to use a specific dispenser. The pallet wrap dispenser also has a tensioning mechanism on it so that as you wrap you can tighten the mechanism to obtain the maximum stretch from the film.

We also have a smaller version of stretch wrap which is referred to as bundle film. Bundle film is only 100mm wide and does exactly as its name suggests. It bundles together a group of items, for example, steel poles. It helps to secure them together without having to wrap the entire length of the pole. Bundle film can also be used with a dispenser to make it easier to apply.

Bundle film or stretch wrap have been used in many practical jokes where university or college students are lucky enough to have their room "wrapped up" in stretch wrap. This usually means every item imaginable  is wrapped.