Here at QIS, we have you covered for all sorts of mailing needs – whether it be for documents, fragile goods, clothing or anything else. In this article we’ll go through some of our packaging solutions, available to you at incredible prices. And if you haven’t already, check out our post on What to do (and what to avoid) when shipping products to your customers.


Courier Bags

Also known as air bags, satchels and poly-mailers, courier bags are an excellent solution for all types of goods. The bags are extremely durable and strong, manufactured from co-extruded, low-density polyethylene plastic. They also feature a tamper-evident seal –the bags cannot be opened without ripping the plastic, so you and your customers will know immediately if your goods have been interfered with. You can buy our courier bags here, and check out our product information video below:


Bubble Bags

Our bubble bags are perfect for your more fragile goods such as glass and ceramics. Made from 10mm bubble wrap, they not only look fantastic, but will also ensure that your goods are safer from damage and breakages. You can shop for bubble bags here.



Versatile and safe, bubblewrap is perfect for protecting fragile items of all shapes and sizes. We have plenty of sizes available and our bubblewrap can be split and perforated to size on request. Grab your bubble wrap here.



If you need to protect boxed items, look no further than our Greenpack voidfill. As well as providing great cushioning, it is also eco-friendly and bio-degradable. The voidfill comes in 0.4 cubic metre bags, and can be bought here.

Paper Mailers with Bubblewrap Inside

With strong kraft paper on the outside and bubblewrap on the inside, these are the perfect way to mail fragile goods whiles also ensuring privacy. With and easy peel strip for sealing and eight different sizes available, paper mailers are a fantastic solution for a variety of mailing situations. Grab your paper mailers here.

Maxi Pack Mailers

Our maxi pack mailers are manufactured with strong plastic on the outside and bubblewrap on the inside for extra security and protection. They are also moisture resistant – perfect for sending documents and water-sensitive products. Check out our range of Maxi Pack Mailers here.

Jiffy Bags

Padded with shredded recycled newspaper, these bags are perfect for packing and sending fragile items. There are six different sizes available, so our jiffy bags cover all your business needs.



This is essential for any packaging any boxed items. We offer a great range of tapes and dispensers at competitive prices – check them out!